Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Dark Day: Part XV

I had been traveling for too long and I feel like I'm running on empty. I needed a place to sleep so I stopped and rented a motel room. Yes, rented. I had a few bucks that I found, left them at the front desk and helped myself to a nice room on the second floor. During times like these I needed a sense of normalcy. It feels like I've been holed up here forever without being outside. Honestly, who would want to be outside anyway? Me. That's who. I lost everything and everyone that I love and if I can at least find out who did this and why then I'll have a little bit of peace. On top of everything else, I don't think I'm not feeling well. My bones ache and I think I have a fever. Now is not the time to be sick. In a world that has pretty much come to an end medicine is pretty hard to come by. I have no other choice but to rest up until I start feeling better then maybe I can try to see if I can scrounge up some drugs. Surprisingly enough it doesn't look like those things have really gotten to this place. This room I picked looked like it hasn't even been touched besides a knocked over chair, a broken vase.....oh, then there's the blood stained couch. Looks like a cow was butchered on it. Other than that the room is pretty tidy. I think I'll just sit on the floor for now.

I must have dosed off because I got woken up by a loud crash. I jump up and move my back to a corner of the room. Feels like I closed my eyes for a second but I'm sure it was more like a few hours. You have to be awake and alert at all times. Even while you sleep. Maybe something fell or the wind knocked something down. As I try to convince myself it wasn't those things I hear another loud crash. Then another and another. I ready my sawed off and make sure I have extra shells handy just in case. The movement keeps getting closer and I can hear "whatever it is" coming up to the 2nd floor. I crouch down just a little lower to the ground and tense up a bit. I need to conserve my ammo so I'm ready to head at this thing like a linebacker. I'll knock the shit out of it and shoot a round off if I really have to.

Its at the door. It creaks open and all I see is one foot step through the entrance. I don't hesitate and bolt straight for the door. I push the body up against the wall with so much force it makes a big dent in the wall and with one complete motion I grabbed the body by the waistband of its pants and tossed it to the other end of the room. As the body falls I hear a groan and some panting. I pull out my sawed off, raise it up and go in for the kill. As I get closer I hear a mans voice say "What the hell are you doing?!" My eyes widen and I drop my gun back down to my side. "Who the fuck are you?!" I yell at him. He replies back "I own this place" while he slightly groans. I pick him up, grab him by his shirt and push him against the wall. I think I used my last bit of energy trying to be a football star just now. I feel my body wanting to shut down and sweat dripping down my forehead. "Hey, you don't look so good." he tells me with a concerned look. "I need...some......medicine." I say as I slowly begin to lose grip of his shirt and drop to the floor.