Monday, May 31, 2010

A Dark Day: Part IX

I don't know how long I've been standing here just staring at these things eat but its long enough for me to realize that these things can't stay alive.....or um, unalive for much longer. Not one zombie will be left standing. I look around the room for some sort of weapon but there's no luck. The closest thing to a weapon I found was a bucket. What the hell am I going to do with a bucket? I walk to the room across the hallway. Nothing in here but a pile of these bastards in the middle of the floor. The stench of death is a lot worse in this room than the others. Probably because these sons of bitches are just lying here rotting on top of one another. I scan the room quickly and I notice a mop leaning against the wall in the corner of the room. I walk over and grab it then break off the bottom, creating a spear-like weapon. That's about as good as its going to get right now. I start walking out of the room when I hear a noise coming from the pile of zombies. I turn back quickly and prepared to attack. I breathe a sigh of relief when I notice that it was just a body that slid down from the top of the pile. Fuck man, that scared the shit out of me. I turn back to walk out again and I run right into one of the zombies that was chained up. I quickly push him back before he grabs a hold of me. How the hell did this happen? Behind the zombie coming towards me I notice the other two shuffling their feet in my direction too. I take a few steps back to get my distance and this undead sack of flesh raises its hands to grab me and that's when I notice that these fuckers chewed their own thumbs off. That's how they were able to get out of the chains. She was right, they are getting smarter. I stab the zombie right in the head and it falls to the ground like a ton of bricks. The other two come following behind and the block me into the room. I pull my wooden spear out from the zombie's head and start walking back towards the corner of the room. The two zombies stop and look down at their fallen "comrade" and start turning around and shuffling away. They're scared. They're scared to die.....again.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Dark Day: Part VIII

She attacks me and pushes me back against the wall. All I can do is hold her back while she tries to claw at me. This woman went from zero to crazy in a snap. I guess deep down she knows that no one is coming back for her. She's a sad, pathetic woman with too much hope. I quickly grab one of her arms, slide under it and push her face first into the wall. She tries to turn her body around to get to me but I continue to keep her still and away from me. "Calm down! What the hell are you doing?!" I exclaim. She squirms loose from my grip and jumps onto me knocking us both over a desk in the room. She starts trying to bite at me but I stop her every time. She's acting like a damn rabid dog. I'm holding her head back and I can see the rage in her eyes. I grab a handful of her hair and ram her bloody stump of an ear right into the side of the desk. She screams of agony continue to get louder and louder as I keep ramming her head into the desk. She grabs her head in pain as if she's about to rip it off of her shoulders. Blood starts to gush out of the wrapped up wound and as she screams and we tussle on the floor the chained up zombies begin to moan and yank on the chains. I get up to my feet and grab her from the back of her lab coat and yank. Maybe a little too hard. She flies back and I lose grip of her coat and she falls at the feet of the chained up zombies. She barely makes it to one knee when one of the zombies grabs her and sinks its teeth into her shoulder. She let's out a painful scream and the next zombie grabs her arm and takes bite. "No! No! No!" Is all she screams, as if the zombies understand or if they would even want to if they could. I just stand there and watch as they tear her body apart and rip flesh from her piece by piece. Each of the four zombies now have a piece of this woman and each have flesh hanging from their decomposed mouths. Now she's nothing more than a memory.....almost like she never existed. All that's left is a half of her torso and a whole lot of blood. I realized just now that I never knew her name. I think I'll call her Mrs. Cunningham.......I really liked Happy Days too.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Dark Day: Part VII

As we walk down the long corridor its looking less and less like a hospital and becoming more and more like a slaughterhouse. I look to my right and see nothing but bodies hanging from meat hooks. I look to my left and see piles upon piles of bodies on the floor. Their chests ripped open as if they had been picked apart by vultures. I continue to push this bleeding woman down the hallway. I can start to hear a faint voice. As we continue to walk the voice becomes more and more prominent. "The Pastor!" the woman says. I grab her and cover her mouth with my hand and lean up against the wall as I make my way closer to the voice. I reached a doorway to the room that the voice was coming from. All I kept hearing a was a very southern accent and he was preaching, like he was preaching to a mass amount of people. "Follow me to salvation! I will guide you to the promised land! Give your body and soul to me and I will show you the way!" The voice continued to say. As I peeked in, the room was completely empty. No one in sight whatsoever. I let go of the woman's mouth and walked into the dimly lit room. The voice was coming from a small radio in the room and sounded like a continuous loop. I turn off the radio and start to hear moans coming from the dark end of the room. I flip a light switch and see four zombies chained up against the wall. They lay their eyes on me and being to moan and groan viciously like I'm prime rib. These zombies look different than the others. They almost look malnourished, well I guess as malnourished as a walking copse can get. Its like they've been starved. "What's going on in here?" I ask her. "We have to run tests on them. All kinds of tests. This one in particular is a starvation test. We are trying to see how long these things will continue to exist without any kind of nutrition." She explains. "How long has it been?" I ask. She walks over to a clipboard and looks over some of the papers. "Its been five days." She says. "You mean these things could possibly starve and die off and this'll all be over?!" I ask. "Possibly but its only been 5 days. Further testing is still needed. For all we know these things could go on forever without eating a single thing since they have no working internal organs at all." She tells me. "And this Pastor guy, some rouge Jesus freak?" I ask her as she goes through more paperwork in binders. "The Pastor is the man that's going to save this world with his research. He is going to cleanse the world of all of its impurities and rebuild the world to the way it SHOULD be. We will repopulate the world and the children I produce will be pure." She tells me with an insane look on her face. Its almost as if she has been trained or brainwashed to repeat her little speech. I go ahead and decide to ask her the million dollar question while she's looking through more paperwork. "If he's going to save this world and protect you to continue life here then where is this asshole?" She stares down at her binder for a minute and then drops it to the floor. "What's wrong? Strike a nerve?" I ask her. She then looks at me, let's out a blood-curdling scream and charges at me with nothing to lose.