Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Dark Day: Part XVII

"What's your name?" I ask the motel owner. "Hank.... the name's Hank. What's your given name?" he asks. I hesitate for a moment but tell him anyway "Aiden". "Well hey, I don't mean any harm. I was just bringing you back some meds. You looked like you needed them. You're not gonna get much further the shape you're in." he says. He hands me over some pills and I grab them. Slowly my shoulders begin to drop and the adrenaline fades away. Hank starts to talk but all I hear is garbled speech and the only thing I can make out is "you need to get some rest". I can't rest anymore. There's too much to do. I get up and start to make my way out of the room. "Hey!" Hank yells "If you're gonna leave, at least let me help you out a bit". Hank walks past me and gives me a hand motion to follow him. He leads me back down to the lobby and up to the front desk. He sees the money on the counter. "Did you leave this?" he asked. "Yeah" I told him. "Thanks!" He grabs the money and shoves it in his pocket. "Now comes the good part!" he says as he reaches down and opens up a trap door behind the counter.

We make our way down a rickety staircase and into a makeshift basement. The sight I see when he flicks on the light is complete insanity. "What the hell is this about?!" I ask. He begins to tell me "I'm not proud to admit it but this motel was known in this area to accommodate drug dealers, hitmen and the mob. When certain deals went sour then we had to step in and clean up the mess. You can consider this the scum of the earth version of a lost and found". The room was packed from wall to wall with guns and all sorts of weapons. The one item I start eyeing specfically is a grenade launcher. This would be perfect for taking out a horde of those things at once. I look to my right and see a big plastic bin full of shotgun shells. Thats so perfect. I walk over and start stuffing shells into my bag like a madman. These are exactly what I need. I can still travel light and not worry so much about ammo. I pause for a moment and I hear what sounds like footsteps above me. Human footsteps. Then there's silence. The trap door slowly opens. Hank and I look up waiting for someone or something to come down. I start hearing a clinking sound coming from above then I see a light quickly zoom past my left shoulder and a shattering sound against the wall behind me. I look back and everything is on fire. Someone threw a moltov cocktail down here hoping to get rid of me. That just means I'm getting closer. Hank runs over to the trap door and it slams shut. I hurry over and try to help him open it but it wont budge at all. I look back at the other side of the room and the fire is continuing to spread. There's not much time left.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Dark Day: Part XVI

He picks me up from the floor and starts walking me over to the bathroom. He slides me into a claw footed tub and leaves the room. My first thought is to jump out of the tub and run because he's probably going to come back and hack me to pieces with a machete but I'm so weak that I can barely move. I try to pick myself up but I keep slipping back down into the tub. I should've pulled the trigger on this guy when I had the chance. I should've known better. People are desperate in this "forgotten world". Well the few people that are left anyway. Its crazy how when the world went to shit everyone that didn't become those things turned on each other instead of banding together for the greater good. It sickens me to know what we've become. No better than any of them out there.

I make one last effort to pick myself up and with the last bit of strength I have I'm able to dump myself out of the bathtub. I need to get to my gear in the other room. My vision is blurry as hell and I can't stand so I have to resort to "army crawling". Every inch I take I have to stop for a breather. I can see my gear from here but it still seems so far away. I keep my ear open for any indication that he's coming back and sure enough I start to hear his heavy footsteps getting closer and closer. I start to scramble towards my stuff faster and finally make it to my sawed off. I aim towards the door and wait. The door opens slowly once again and I'm ready to take my shot. I see a foot step through the doorway just like before. My hand begins to shake slightly as I continue to hold it up. As I look at my hand shake, in walk four of those infected sons of bitches. I jump straight to my feet out of reflex and take a shot. I take out a shoulder and part of its face but that not enough to stop it. Along with the three others they continue to make their way towards me pretty fast. Actually, faster than usual. I stand my ground as they get closer and one walks right into the barrel of my gun. I pull the trigger and watch its head blast open like a party favor knocking the one other one down in the process. I jump across the bed leaving a decent amount of space between them and me and as I'm about to take my second shot I realize that I need to do this the "smart" way. I look at my bag and estimate that it's about 8 feet away or so. I take the chance while I can and flip the mattress onto those rotting fucks, pushing them back against a wall. I hurry and grab my bat and without even much as a second thought I go to town on these things. Their heads turn to mush, almost like ground beef, as I swing so hard and so much that I start making a hole in the sheet rock. Suddenly I hear something to my left so with my bat in my right hand I draw my gun out with my left and aim. It's the owner of this place. "What the fuck happened?!" he says as he walks in the room. I take a quick look at him. He has no weapons. I hear a scraping sound coming from the floor. Its the last one crawling towards me. As I comes closer I look at it and see the total "blankness" in its eyes. No ones there. Just like an empty room. This is all it knows. It doesn't know any better. It gets pretty close to my feet and for a moment I almost feel sorry for it..................almost.