Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Dark Day: Part IV

Its been 27 days since the outbreak. The only way I know is by counting sunrises and sunsets and making tallies. It gives me a somewhat sense of normalcy. Still there seems to be no end to this. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Something seems different today though. I can sense it even sitting in this tin can of mine. The air seems too calm out there, almost like everything has stopped. Usually I can hear the moaning of those bastards every so often, but right now I don't hear a thing. I stand up and take a look out of one of the vents.........nothing, absolutely nothing. I grab my machete and look out a few of the other vents. Nothing. I'm going to have to check this out. I walk towards the door with my machete ready and unlock the door. I push it open with my foot and back up. I have to wait a while just in case. Again, nothing. As I glance out the trailer I see..........emptiness. What the hell is happening? All I see is dirt blowing in the wind. Did these things get scared away by something? Maybe they ate the whole population already and now they're slowly dying off. Maybe all of this is over and things can slowly go back to normal. Wishful thinking. I look from my right to my left and I see a baseball bat coming my way..................shit.

I wake up from my nap dizzy and seeing double, not to mention the throbbing headache. Where the fuck am I? This room that I'm in can only be described as possibly a run down operating room but I can't be sure. I can see a vague outline of a person across the room standing with their back to me and messing with something on a table. "Hey!" I yelled at the person. I get up and try to walk to the person but quickly realize I'm chained to the floor by my hands and feet. "What the fuck are you doing?!" I demanded as I pull on the chains. The person turns slightly but ignores my question. "Let me go! You can't do this to me!" I start yelling. I keep trying to get myself loose but I'm not having any luck. Whoever this is acts like I'm not even here, like they can't hear me. As I look around the room I can see old blood stains on the floor. Not too old but old enough to stain the concrete. I'm starting feel dizzy again, I think need to sit back down for a minute. I plop myself on the floor and I can feel my eyes starting to close. Don't pass out. Don't pass out. I won't make it out of here if I do. My body slowly slumps to the side and I hit the floor. This can't happen. I've lasted this long. Stay up. Come on. My vision gets blurry and my eyes continue to try to keep themselves open. The person is walking towards me now. All I see is black calf-high combat boots getting closer and closer. I'm losing this battle. I

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Dark Day: Part III

"As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil". Those are the words I keep reciting to myself as I drag this guys' carcass out of my trailer and across a field. I didn't need this body stinking up my camp and attracting more of those bastards. I had to get it as far away as possible. As I'm dragging this guy by his legs I look down at his head, or what's left of it, bump across rocks. I can't help but think of who he belonged to. I mean, did he have a family? Where are they? Was he traveling alone? None of that really matters now. Just another casualty of this epidemic. I can hear them coming now. I think they can smell the bloody flesh. I let go of his legs and start heading back to camp. I have to move fast but not too fast. I can see the trailer from here....more or less about 200yrds away. I look back at Curly, yes, I named him Curly. No one should die without a name and plus, I like The Three Stooges. I can see one zombie come out of the grassy field nearby. One turns to two then turns to four then to eight. I try to not look back but I can't help it. Its like watching one of those nature documentaries where the animal is ripping apart its prey. Just to see them doing what they're doing with no remorse....its eerie to think what this world will become. As I turn back around I bump right into one of "them". It tries to take a bite of my shoulder but I move right on time. Without skipping a beat I grab the back of its head and make it dive straight to the ground breaking off the bottom of its jaw in the process. I'd like to see that thing try chewing on someone now. As the zombie gets up off the floor I go for a swift kick right across its head. It falls limp to floor. Great, my boots are bloody now. I continue to walk back to camp. "As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Dark Day: Part II

I'm back at "Camp", if you can even call it that. This isn't one of those "Fun swinging from trees, screw with the counselors, making out with your crush, hiking up and down hills" type of camp. This is the last safe spot that out there as far as I know....a damn 18 wheeler trailer. Its reinforced at all ends but is hot as hell with the sun shining down on it. I think I've lost about 15lbs in the last 2 weeks or so. All I have to eat is a shit load of SPAM that I found at some local grocery store. I'm even scared to eat that.....I hope SPAM doesn't go bad or anything, cause that would really suck. Food is really starting to become very scarce and I really don't know what to do. I'm running out of options. If I try to hunt for an animal or something I'm taking a risk that it could be infected with whatever it is those people are infected with. Most fruits and vegetables have already gone bad and if I eat nothing but sweets my body will crash after a while from the sugar. All thats left is me and my SPAM. Good old SPAM. I'm going to try to get some sleep.

What the hell? As soon as I open my eyes, I see the trailer door cracked open. I didn't leave it open. I look around the trailer but all I see is darkness of course. My hands start to tremble and my heart begins to beat faster like always. I can never get used to this. I have to stay completely quite. I have to try not to move. I slowly and gently reach for the lighter in my pocket. Not being able to see is the feel so vulnerable. I have the lighter in my hand and turn it on. There's a guy standing in the middle of the trailer with his hand missing. I jump up and when he doesn't lunge at me I figure out that he's not one of them. I ask him if he's alright but all he answers back with is "help, help, help". He's going delirious from the blood loss. I walk up to him slowly and help him kneel down towards the trailer door. I keep telling him it's going to be alright and not to worry. I make sure he stays propped up, and I walk to the back of the trailer into the darkness. All I hear is his breathing. I come running out of the darkness with a sledgehammer in hand and crush his head wide open. I can't take any chances....he most likely got it bitten off. Like I said before, this is about survival and if anyone's going to survive.....It's going to be me.

A Dark Day: Part 1

The stench of death and rotten flesh fills the air. I'm all alone and probably the only one left. I glance out from underneath a pile of over ripe corpses and see the very large group of undead bodies walking and attacking the very last bit of fresh meat on the ground. I've found that if I keep the smell of them on me they think I'm one of them. For now I'm just going to stay here....waiting until the time is right to make my way back to shelter. I haven't seen a single soul in the last 2 weeks. The last person I saw met her untimely demise about 2 hours after we ran into each other. We got attacked and I used the time she was getting eaten to get away. People would probably call me a coward but I look at it as being a survivor. For now I'm just here and every breath I take I just want to vomit but I have to get past that and think straight. Even though I have a young man's decomposing skull resting against my chin. I see two zombies fighting over an arm. One pushes the other to the ground and steps through its chest. To the winner go the spoils. I've been laying here for about 2 hours or maybe 8...I'm not sure. It's hard to tell time when the world as you know it has pretty much come to an end. The zombies are beginning to spread out and it's time to make my move. I creep out from underneath the bodies and make my way to the streets. One of them spots me and starts coming my way. My heart starts to beat faster and faster and my palm are starting to sweat. The zombie bumps me to the side and goes about its business. It's starting to get dark out. I need to get back to shelter......I could really use a beer about now.