Monday, May 25, 2015

The Room - Chapter 1


Can you hear silence?

Does nothingness make a sound?

I don’t know but I don’t hear anything. I open my eyes and I don’t see anything either. Am I blind? I hold my hand out in front of my face to make sure but I can’t see a single thing. I push myself up off the floor and can hear dirt rub in between my palms and the concrete under me so I’m not deaf. Where the fuck am I?


I call out but all I hear is the sound of my voice bouncing off the walls. At least I know that I’m in a room. A room that doesn’t seem too big by the sound of my voice coming back at me. I get up on my feet and start to reach out for anything I can grab. If something happened to my eyesight then I have to be smart about this. I take small steps forward and with each step I reach out a bit further hoping I touch something. Finally I feel a wall. It’s cold and from what I can tell it’s made of concrete too. I start to carefully move to the left while still keeping my hands on the cold wall and eventually I reach another wall. Great, a corner. At least I can lean against this and not worry about being scared that someone is going to come from behind.

“Hello?! Can anyone hear me?! Get me out of here!”

Nothing. No response. Why? Why am I here? My body starts to tense up as I hear footsteps in the room with me. You know that feeling you get when you can feel the presence of someone next to you. I’m getting that now. I can feel someone right in front of my face. I hesitantly reach out but nothing is there. Then I hear a deep gravelly voice that chills me to the bone.

“You will sufferrrrrrr.”

I start to kick and punch into the air almost on instinct just hoping that I connect but kept feeling nothing but air.

“What the fuck did I do to you?!”

Then suddenly a light on the ceiling of the room starts to flicker and come on. It’s so bright and takes me a bit to focus my sight. Okay, well at least I’m not blind. I look around and I’m the only person in the room but the weirdest thing is that there are no windows or doors. It’s just an empty concrete room that couldn’t be more than 10’x10’. Where did that voice come from though? No intercom or vents. What the fuck is this?

“I want out! Let me out of here!”

I start to walk around the room inspecting the walls to see if there’s any weak point. Who am I kidding? Even if there was a weak point I have nothing to hit the wall with besides my hands and feet. I just don’t understand this. I’m trying to think back at where I was or what I was doing before I woke up here but I can’t remember. I remember what I had for lunch last week and I remember that it was raining yesterday but not anything after that. I seriously don’t understand this. I don’t get it. I walk over to the wall on the opposite side and press my hands against it.

“What kind of game is this?!”

Then I hear the mysterious voice again like its right in my ear.

“Games? There are no games. This is only the beginning.”

Then I hear a thud from behind me. I get startled and turn my body around quickly to see a door in the middle of the wall in front of me. What. The. Fuck. How the hell did that happen? Am I going crazy? I walk slowly and cautiously towards the door and very reluctantly reach for the door knob. Before I can even touch it four loud bangs come from the door like someone is pounding on it from the other side. I pull my hand back and watch the door knob as it shakes and turns. I can see the door being pushed from the other side and with each push I can see the door frame wanting to give. I do the only thing I can think of and lean all of my body weight against the door in hopes that I can stop whoever is on the other side.

“Leave me alone! What do you want from me?!”

As soon as I finish my sentence I start to hear guttural and raspy heavy breathing coming from the other side of the door and that’s when I realize I’m not dealing with someone but a something. The door frame starts to crack and my body starts to slide as the pushing gets harder and harder. Then everything stops. The pushing, the breathing. It all just stopped. I wait, still pushing my weight against the door and not wanting to move an inch. I lean my ear closer to the door to hear what was going on and I start to hear a gurgle. Almost like bubbles in a glass of water. That’s when I look down and see blood rushing in the room from under the door. I get up and step away from the door as blood continues to flow and create a bigger pool that begins to spread quickly across the floor. It reaches my feet and starts to surround them. I back up as far as I can and that’s when I hear the door knob jiggle, a click and then suddenly the door creaks open a few inches. I prepare myself to fight but I highly doubt I’ll be able to take on whatever is on the other side. I wait and wait but nothing happens. No noise and the blood on the floor seems to have stopped flowing. If I don’t step through that door then there’s a possibility that I’ll never get out of here. There’s also the possibility that something is waiting for me out there. I start to step towards the door and that’s when the blood on the floor begins to bubble. I step aside but everywhere I go it starts to bubble more and more. I can see something faintly different about the bubbles so I take a closer look. Very tiny arms start to protrude and with each bubble that pops they start to get larger. They are as red as the blood on the floor and seem to be trying to claw their way up. As I look on in disbelief, one of the demonic hands grabs my ankle and I immediately scream in pain. It feels like someone threw hot water at my feet. I stomp on the hand with the foot that I have available and look at the room. It’s filled with full sized arm pulling themselves up and I catch a glimpse at what wants to come through. It looks like a man with six small horns on his head with the face that looks like a skull. I then make the quick decision to run for the door. As I turn and make my way towards the only exit I have I can see what seems like thousands of arms coming from the floor. They try to grab me on my way out and a few are able to graze their fingers across my pants which immediately start to burn. I make it through the door and it slams behind me. No turning back now.

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