Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Dark Day: Part XI

After careful and thorough inspection I found an abandoned SUV to stay in till the morning. This thing has a big enough backseat so that I can lie down and not be noticed for awhile. I get in ever so carefully and shut the back door very softly. I lie on my back and look up at the ceiling of the vehicle. Oh man, this feels so good to just rest for a moment. I don't think I can sleep but rest is exactly what I need. The more I lay here the more I think of things that could have been if the infection never happened. What would I be doing at this same exact moment if all of the scenario was changed? Would I be out having dinner? Would I be having drinks with the guys? What would be on T.V. at the moment? Probably some infomercial or something. Even that I miss. Does me no good to think of such things though since there's no turning back time. All that's on my mind and will continue to be on my mind is survival. That's my goal. I can hear the winds outside starting to pick up and howl. I guess there's a storm rolling in. I'm glad I found shelter when I did. The SUV starts to sway a little as the winds pass through. I need to find some food soon too, I think my body is starting to crash from the lack of nourishment. I can't even remember the last time I ate anything. I just know it was SPAM. I may have to tighten my belt another notch the way this is going. My stomach starts growling like its talking to me.
Man! That stupid place fucked up my sense of time! I had that to keep me sane at least, now I'm just lost. Oh well I guess, hopefully once the storm passes I can set up camp somewhere again. At least for the time being, for now I'm have to try to rest.
A while later........
Every time I try to close my eyes all I see is death. Is this what my life has become? Just nothing but death and killing and all this destruction around me? Of course it has, I have no choice but to live in this world. I would just end it all myself but that would be the cowards way out. I don't do "coward". I just can't sleep. I toss and turn but my mind keeps racing like its running the fifty yard dash. I finally just stop trying and lift my head to see out the window. I get a huge surprise when I see the vehicle that I'm in surrounded by the walking dead. They saw me! They fucking saw me get in this piece of shit! They knew! For some reason they are just standing there, in the middle of this storm they are just there looking at me. Seems like they're just waiting for me to get out. They know I'm going to have to get out eventually. I look around and notice a sunroof. That's my way out, I just need to figure out a game plan.

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