Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Dark Day: Part XII

I make my way to the sunroof and bust it out with my feet. The rain seems to start coming down as I make the opening. With my spear in hand I climb out on top of the vehicle and within what it seems like to be minutes the group doubled in size. I need to make my move now if I plan to get away. I take two steps back, run and completely slip off the top of the SUV. Its as if its all happening in slow motion. As I'm falling the only words I can think of to sum up this situation is "Oh shit". I look and I can see the section of zombies I'm about to fall on slowly start looking up towards me. Without even a moment more to react I fall straight down onto a group of at least five of them smashing their heads in the process. You would think I fell on a pit of hot coals as fast as I got up off the floor and ran. As I run I realize that of course I dropped and left my spear when I fell. It was nothing but a stupid stick anyway. I look back and of course the group of zombies are heading my an alarmingly slow speed. I start to slow my running down to a brisk walk and look around for something to use against these things. If I hide then they're just going to find me eventually and then I'll be backed into a corner. I can see a sign for an italian restaurant in the distance. They have to have something there. I get to the restaurant and enter carefully. Its dark as hell in here so it takes a little while for my eyes to adjust. This place looks just like the city itself, run down and destroyed. There's tables flipped, chairs broken and menus scattered across the floor along with dirt and silverware. I head back to the kitchen and I quickly spot a big propane tank. On second thought if I use this I might blow myself up too. Maybe if they have a smaller one around here then I could use that. I start looking through all the counters and cabinets. Jackpot! Got one! I head back outside with the tank in hand and I turn it on. The group has now gotten a lot closer. I would say roughly about twenty yards away. I throw the tank at the group of zombies and realize that I may have jumped ahead of myself seeing as I have nothing to ignite the tank with. I see a telephone company truck that crashed into a building across the street. I head over there and start busting open the storage compartments on the outside. I finally find a road side bag with flares. I light the flare a bask in its glow for a quick moment then send it soaring towards the open propane tank. The tank explodes right as soon as the flame gets close to the escaping fumes and sends the zombies soaring in the air and in pieces. I didn't really compensate the distance between me and the tank because even at a rough 20 yards away I still felt like I just got sucker punched when the tank went "kaboom". Pretty much knocked me on my ass. Well it did the job, they are all gone. I get up and walk over to the big black spot on the floor where the pack of undead used to be. All that's left is partially flaming and completely charred flesh on the floor. Almost smells like a barbecue only not. I better get going before the explosion attracts more of these things.

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