Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Dark Day: Part 1

The stench of death and rotten flesh fills the air. I'm all alone and probably the only one left. I glance out from underneath a pile of over ripe corpses and see the very large group of undead bodies walking and attacking the very last bit of fresh meat on the ground. I've found that if I keep the smell of them on me they think I'm one of them. For now I'm just going to stay here....waiting until the time is right to make my way back to shelter. I haven't seen a single soul in the last 2 weeks. The last person I saw met her untimely demise about 2 hours after we ran into each other. We got attacked and I used the time she was getting eaten to get away. People would probably call me a coward but I look at it as being a survivor. For now I'm just here and every breath I take I just want to vomit but I have to get past that and think straight. Even though I have a young man's decomposing skull resting against my chin. I see two zombies fighting over an arm. One pushes the other to the ground and steps through its chest. To the winner go the spoils. I've been laying here for about 2 hours or maybe 8...I'm not sure. It's hard to tell time when the world as you know it has pretty much come to an end. The zombies are beginning to spread out and it's time to make my move. I creep out from underneath the bodies and make my way to the streets. One of them spots me and starts coming my way. My heart starts to beat faster and faster and my palm are starting to sweat. The zombie bumps me to the side and goes about its business. It's starting to get dark out. I need to get back to shelter......I could really use a beer about now.

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