Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Dark Day: Part III

"As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil". Those are the words I keep reciting to myself as I drag this guys' carcass out of my trailer and across a field. I didn't need this body stinking up my camp and attracting more of those bastards. I had to get it as far away as possible. As I'm dragging this guy by his legs I look down at his head, or what's left of it, bump across rocks. I can't help but think of who he belonged to. I mean, did he have a family? Where are they? Was he traveling alone? None of that really matters now. Just another casualty of this epidemic. I can hear them coming now. I think they can smell the bloody flesh. I let go of his legs and start heading back to camp. I have to move fast but not too fast. I can see the trailer from here....more or less about 200yrds away. I look back at Curly, yes, I named him Curly. No one should die without a name and plus, I like The Three Stooges. I can see one zombie come out of the grassy field nearby. One turns to two then turns to four then to eight. I try to not look back but I can't help it. Its like watching one of those nature documentaries where the animal is ripping apart its prey. Just to see them doing what they're doing with no remorse....its eerie to think what this world will become. As I turn back around I bump right into one of "them". It tries to take a bite of my shoulder but I move right on time. Without skipping a beat I grab the back of its head and make it dive straight to the ground breaking off the bottom of its jaw in the process. I'd like to see that thing try chewing on someone now. As the zombie gets up off the floor I go for a swift kick right across its head. It falls limp to floor. Great, my boots are bloody now. I continue to walk back to camp. "As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil"

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  1. Love it David! You have a natural knack for story-telling. This reminds me a little of Dean Koontz's style of writing. Keep it up buddy!! I look forward to reading more!!